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For: anyone who is struggling with putting their difficult thoughts into words.



Today I Had A Thought


That I hold myself to the harshest standards

But I give everyone leniency

Today I was late and I felt like this would be help against me

I felt like my world was going to end, and they would hate me, and that my job was meaningless and stupid.

But what if they gave me the leniency that I gave others?

What if they understood and didn’t hold it against me?

And what if it was ok to take a human moment?

And in that realization, I felt free.

They didn’t call me to tell me that they hate me.

They didn’t bring it up to throw it in my face.

They were annoyed in the moment, but in the end, there were ok and still liked me.

They still appreciated my effort and my desires to help them.

And in that realization, I felt free.

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