Works In Progress

Here are some samples of a few prologues that I have written for a my works in progress!  Get excited for upcoming books!

Sailboat Top View


The Boat of Dreams

It was truly amazing when you think about it.  A group of strangers becoming closer than blood relatives.  The memories of the shared experiences and the bonding during those experiences was utterly unbreakable.  It was the perfect secret and everyone knew, yet not enough people knew.  


                I didn’t think I would be here at this point, but here I am, heart pounding, chest beating, lungs screaming as I am wrapped up in the delicious joy of my newly formed family.  This feeling is better than drugs, better than sex, better than Christmas and birthday and every holiday that I’ve ever celebrated.  It’s intoxicating, heady and dizzying.  I want to drown in its intensity.  


                When it first started, I didn’t think this could be something that I wanted.  But now I know better.  Now I am stronger and more connected and more like myself than I ever thought I could be.  And I want more.  I want everything.



Forensic science is a delicate art.  But shouldn’t it be considered a cold, hard truth?  And the short answer is no.  The long answer requires delving into the history and process of scientific method.  It involves looking at how perceptions change over time and how new processes are developed to create better analyses as scientists create new technology to find more concrete truth.  It needs to understand societal pressures, judgements, and how people can be persuaded to view a piece of data when a clever story is attached.  Forensic science is the balance between human emotion and scientific fact.

            Forensic science is not for the delicate hearted people.  It demands a wall of indifference to allow scientists objectivity to their work.  These dedicated people may seem cold hearted, cruel, and possibly unkind to an unfamiliar outsider.  But if you’re one of the scientists, part of the inner circle, you care a lot.  Indifferent people would not continue their search for answers, even when evidence grows cold.  Indifferent people would not take the time to develop clarity and new processes to uncover new evidence.  Indifferent people would not painstakingly comb through the smallest pieces of trash to find potential truth.  In short, indifferent people could not lend the quiet balance needed to traverse through the dark and twisted pieces of human life.

            This is not to say that things don’t affect the scientists.  After all, each scientist is still a human at heart.  Murder, suicide, children, family, animals, and the darkest days of a person’s life is considered “normal” for a forensic scientist.  They see humans on some of the worst days of their lives.  They handle the decaying smell and unforgettable images of a person’s last moments on earth and must set aside their hearts to be able to bring peace to the deceased’s loved ones.  I would be lying if I didn’t saw that some of these cases made me go home and cry.  Because they did.  But I would also be lying if I said some of these cases didn’t hit me as hard as others.  Because it’s my subjectivity and experience as a human and a scientist that allows me to provide comfort and useful help in this dark hour of need.

Crime Scene Tape