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Debut Book by
Cozette Zimmerman

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My Story

Cozette Zimmerman has decided to pursue her longtime passion of being a writer while juggling a full-time job, earning a third college degree, and being a cat mom. She works hard following her many passions, including forensics, engineering, writing, crochet, and annoying her cats.

From the author:

First, thank you so much for being interested in my book and stopping by!  I've always had a passion for writing, ever since I was young.  I was fortunately, or unfortunately, put into a job where I used my creativity channels to cope with some of the strangest questions I have ever received.  If you have ever worked in customer service, then you can probably relate!

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A fun and delightful read. A glimpse into the life of the difficult to please clients and those who deal with them.


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